The Big Match

All you non-leaguers out there looking to revitalise your club’s fortunes, cast your eyes over this blog! Ok, so it might not be able to direct you to the hidden gems of the footballing world, the untapped talent and the evergreen pro, but what it can do is give you some pointers on sprucing up your ground to make it a better place to play. There’s nothing a lick of paint won’t solve, so have a gander and get your brand new terrace packed with partisan fans.

First things first, get yourself a new ground, or at the very least reinvent the old one. You might not be pushing for a multi-million pound makeover, but one brand new terrace can go a long way.

A Sunday League Of Their Own

There’s nothing like the joy of getting up at 9am on Sunday morning to be down at the park for a 10 o’ clock kick off with the boys. Ok, maybe the post-match pint might just about rival it, but that’s a drink you’ve got to earn. If you’re thinking about starting

FIFA world cup now and then

Football remains the most popular sport in almost all parts of the world and it has millions of fans who spend a lot of money to watch different tournament and leagues. For instance in the UK, football is the most watched sports at both homes and also in the stadiums.

Best of football over the decade

Over the last decade, English football has witnessed some dramatic and magical moments both domestically and in the European stage. The country has witnessed some of the great players play the beautiful game. We take a look at some of the best moments