A Sunday League Of Their Own

There’s nothing like the joy of getting up at 9am on Sunday morning to be down at the park for a 10 o’ clock kick off with the boys. Ok, maybe the post-match pint might just about rival it, but that’s a drink you’ve got to earn. If you’re thinking about starting your own local football team, our latest sports blog will tell you all you need to know.

No, those formations come later, right now you need to think about forming your team to begin with; get some players, a few balls, a kit and so on. Odds are that if you’re thinking of starting up a local team you’ve already got a few mates who are interested, so it’s going to be about sourcing the things you’ll need. You can get all your kit needs at Discount Football Kits, and best of all they deliver all of the country, so no matter where you’re thinking of kicking off you’re certain to look the part. Equally, for that little extra touch of class, why not visit EMC Advertising Gifts too? With their range of bespoke printing and personalisation you can order some cracking team hoodies that’ll come fully printed with your badge, number and team name. You might even want to put players’ nicknames on the back!

If we’re being honest, this is most likely going to be the local park or school playing field. Nonetheless, your fortress will have to be leased from the relevant partyand this could cost around £300 for a season. If you can secure somewhere semi-permanent then you might want to invest in a portable dugout like the kind at Touchline Pro. Not only do they look great, but they’re sturdy pieces of kit that can be erected in 2 minutes! You and the rest of your team might not feel the need for it while you limber up on the sideline, but you’ll certainly keep your fans (the Mrs!) happy when it’s pouring with rain and she can stay dry under the dugout with a cup of tea!

Depending on what you’ve already got and what’s been provided for you, you might find yourself shy of a few key objects. School pitches that you hire out might suddenly be without goals when term-time finishes, so it might be worth looking at The Soccer Store to pick up a net or two for a great price. Equally, you might want to get your hands on some cheap, personalised football trophies for man-of-the-match or individual awards, in which case head to All Sports Awards for every manner of trophy you can image, all fully free to emblazon with the player’s name and message of your choice!

There’s loads of little bits to pick up along the way so don’t worry about getting them immediately, just make sure you’ve got a kit and a ball and a few mates and you’ll be ready to kick off in no time!