The Big Match

All you non-leaguers out there looking to revitalise your club’s fortunes, cast your eyes over this blog! Ok, so it might not be able to direct you to the hidden gems of the footballing world, the untapped talent and the evergreen pro, but what it can do is give you some pointers on sprucing up your ground to make it a better place to play. There’s nothing a lick of paint won’t solve, so have a gander and get your brand new terrace packed with partisan fans.

First things first, get yourself a new ground, or at the very least reinvent the old one. You might not be pushing for a multi-million pound makeover, but one brand new terrace can go a long way. Indeed, the old fashioned standing terrace is making a potential comeback! Just take a look at to see how our northern brethren have been enjoying a return to traditional terrace. However, if it’s seating you’re after then visit  to invest in some sturdy stands. Their prefabricated range is perfect for those on a budget, so for a smaller club it won’t break the bank.

Dressing Room/Club House
For this you don’t actually need to invest in a bricks-and-mortar job; a great option is to invest in a modular building. Not only will it save you a sizeable amount of money, but they look great and the inside can be finished to your taste, so your supporters can feel right at home inside. If you’re thinking of going modular then check out for some cracking deals. Quick to erect and easy to maintain, these buildings comply with all building regulations, and are used by Brentford FC and St. Mirren to name a just a couple!

Hiring in external burger vans could end costing you more in fees than you’ll make back on the sale of food, so it’s well worth investing in your own food and beverage distribution to maximise profits in the long run. Companies like The Lindley Group – find them here – specialise in providing season-long food for your ardent fans, and keeping them fed is half the battle to keeping them happy (the other half is winning!). To get the best deals, take a look at which will give you an overview of all the different companies and their products.

New Kit
There’s no point your new ground looking the part if the team still looks shoddy! A new kit is definitely in need, so head to to get a new strip for the coming season. Reds are for passion and fire, blues represent a calm head, collectiveness, and vertical stripes are apparently very good for slimming, so the choice is up to you! The best part is that when you buy in bulk (as you will be doing for the whole team) you can actually make a big saving too.

Looking the part and having a new ground won’t win you games, but it’ll certainly help improve your confidence in home games, which might be all it takes in football’s fine margins. Spending a little extra money on things other than players can often yield unexpected results. Come on you reds!