About Us

Hello there and welcome to my sports blog! I am a sports trainer in a school and sports has been my passion ever since I was a child, I used to love playing basketball and football even when it was raining.

All of the injuries my body has undergone during my childhood are treated as scars which remind me of my happy memories, as each scar has its own story! I personally believe that children should be exposed to lots of sport during their childhood, and after trying so many different types they can then decide which is their favorite and pursue it further. Physical fitness and sports go together, so playing a sport during the early stage of life will certainly affect their health in later life.

I’ve always been an ardent follower and fan of football. What I really love about this sport is the fact that it is both entertaining and also very involving, even now I follow all the news about football and its happenings. Although football is my favorite sport, I have also included articles about various other sports in this blog.

Since I am new to writing and blogging, I would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions, as they’ll help me improve my writing skills and also make my blog better. Please feel free to send any questions or comments as I would love to answer them!

Also, I would be happy to interact with my readers on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. Happy surfing!